About RWE

The fourth-largest renewable energy company in the world, RWE Renewables acquired E.ON Climate & Renewables’ North American operations in October, 2019. The company has built and operates 27 wind farms across the United States, including four here in the Midwest, keeping more than 2,600 turbines spinning to generate low-cost, homegrown electricity. RWE Renewables has a strong presence in the Midwest, with its North American headquarters based in Chicago and investments of more than $1 billion throughout the region. RWE Renewables began working with Eau Claire County in 2019 to explore bringing the benefits of wind energy to the area, and found strong support from local landowners. An owner-operator for nearly all of its projects, RWE Renewables has developed a reputation for being a committed, engaged, and honest community partner.


Example of another project:

RWE Renewables completed its Radford’s Run project in Macon County, IL in 2017, creating 305.8 MW of home-grown energy with 139 Vestas 2.2 MW turbines. It will produce $46 million in local tax revenue for 30 years of the project, with $54 million in direct spending on local labor, materials and subcontractors.

Meet the team

Eric Crawford

Wind Development Manager
(773) 708-1477

Shane Felske

Associate Development Manager
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Tim Shevket

Wind Development Manager
(312) 358-5115

Scott Carter

Field Specialist
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Jerry Wilson

Field Specialist
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