By the numbers

Proposed turbines


Power produced

Power for 60K homes


$200 Million

Expected construction jobs:


Land use

  • The turbines would share agricultural land with mostly corn and soybeans, with some dairy pastures. The project site encompasses approximately 20,000 acres in Lincoln and Washington Townships. Including access roads, each turbine takes up a maximum of 1/2 acre – enabling farmers, ranchers, and landowners to continue their current land use on more than 99% of the land in the project.

Proposed area where 40-70 turbines would be placed


  • 200 Megawatts of clean, inexpensive, homegrown energy with 40-70 turbines – enough to power around 60,000 Wisconsin homes every year. Proposed completion in 2023 with an operational life of 30 years.
Clean, inexpensive, homegrown energy

200 Megawatts

Economic benefits

  • $200 million total investment in Eau Claire County.
  • County income: More than $26 million in additional tax revenue for Eau Claire County and Townships over 30 years to support local first responders, schools, and other essential services.
  • Tax relief: Additional county income can also reduce the tax burden on residents.
  • Construction income: More than $30 million paid to mainly local labor and construction companies.
  • Agricultural stability: More than $1 millionin stable, yearly easement payments to Eau Claire County family farmers and landowners over 30 years, all while using just 1% of their land.
  • Jobs: 150+ temporary construction jobs; 8-12 long-term, good-paying local jobs; and a commitment to hire locally when possible.
  • Roads: Miles of local road upgrades at no cost to taxpayers.